20-Sheet Sticky Real Estate Notepads

  • 20-Sheet Sticky Notepads

    Learn more about our 20-sheet sticky real estate notepads below.

    Whether you’re a real estate agent or not, our 20-sheet sticky notepads are the perfect gift to give to new and existing clients. In addition to being functional, these notepads allow you to stick on your business card so you never have to worry about it getting lost. These notepads have been tried and tested for many years, providing business owners everywhere with a dependable way to market themselves. From to-do lists to grocery lists, our notepads allow clients to keep track of important information, all while being reminded of your business and expertise.

    Notepads are helpful because sometimes, you need to write a reminder down (as opposed to typing it into your smartphone). Made of high-quality materials, our sticky notepads last a long time and help ensure your investment is not wasted. Because they’re incredibly cost-effective, you can cut down on marketing costs while providing clients with a subtle reminder of what you have to offer. It’s the perfect combination!